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If you're here to learn what it was that resulted in my images being what they are - how they got here, why they look the way they do, what combination of alchemy, education, curiosity, passion, experience, vision, influences, artists, lovers, charlatans, mystics, and deities with their visual offerings - and how everything came together at a specified fraction of time to become what they are, well, to be honest, so am I.

There's a photo of me at 10, wearing a suit I think my mother made from draperies, I''m holding a twin-lens reflex. I look like I know what I'm doing. (That's my cousin Elizabeth standing next to me. She's a really cool lady now.) Some have pointed to it as my photographic "beginning." I just point to my suit ...

Giorgio de Chirico's unusual childhood influence:

​From Racing: to Fine Art: A great proving ground for today:

Magazine work:

Awards and Exhibitions:


Style? I don't know, all the good ones have already been taken.